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Karen Boschetti Engwr., Joy Essay 3 The Sting Why do bullies bully? Why do parents scream at their kids? And what makes people say mean things to you when it seems like they have no reason to at all? Because they do have a reason to do what they do. While they do have their reasons, those reasons are often subconscious and unexplainable. However, Gordon Murray, in his essay “Picking on the Little Guy: In Boyhood and in the Battlefields,” attempts to explain why people hurt each other by explaining what he calls the “sting.” The sting isn’t actually his own idea, but one he picked up from author Elias Canneti’s book “Crowds and Power” in which he “develops the concept of the sting.” As Murray explains it, the sting is “when someone more powerful than you makes you do something (a “command”),, you’re left feeling wounded (the “sting”), which impels you to pass the command on to another.” In his essay Murray develops the sting’s natural course as it affects predominantly males. He gives reason for this natural course and defends the sting’s cycle. As the essay progresses it’s also obvious that Murray doesn’t think the affects of the sting on men and women are in any way comparable. Murray gives many examples of the sting—all of which use men as their main characters. He thinks that the sting is the way men respond to the pain that people cause them. For example, when someone makes a man feel insecure about his “manhood” or
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This essay was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course ENGLISH 301 taught by Professor Wrobel during the Spring '08 term at Bethel MN.

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Engwr 300 essay - Karen Boschetti Engwr Joy Essay 3 The...

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