Lecture 11 - RNA World

Lecture 11 - RNA World - RNA World DNA keeps record of our...

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Unformatted text preview: RNA World- DNA keeps record of our genes, cannot self-replicate, cannot transfer all information to daughters- Proteins can replicate DNA but cannot transfer genetic information- RNA can do both (enzymatic capability and recording Component of splicing-competent Tetrahymena extracts resists heat-denaturation (RNA)- this is a mean of identifying RNA in a ribozyme (electrophoresis after heat-denaturation) in primordial world, RNA probably accomplished storage and duplication- injection of dsRNA into C elegans gonad causes systemic loss of function phenotypes corresponding to the injected gene- effect is conserved and in more organisms than just worm o possible defence mechanism against transposons and viruses the effect is post-transcriptional, no effect on transcriptional initiation – mRNA disappears though- can eliminate families of genes were motifs are conserved- may be heritable- effect is systemic, even when dsRNA is ingested (by bacteria) or taken up by soaking- catalytic: small amount can lead to complete or large scale elimination of the gene products (actin)...
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