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April 2 - o 1 out of 3 slave kids died o Slave women...

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April 2, 2008 Conditions for slaves in the South vs. North o 1. Slaves in North could legally marry o 2. Slaves in North could baptize children Slavery o Class rule based on the ownership of people as property o Main reason to own slaves was economic o Family was method of control o Some blacks owned slaves Ways to protect family members Economic status Slave Families o Families were nuclear o Concerned about family members o Courtship Compatibility and mutual attraction Complicated Permission from master to date o Kids go with the mother o Married slaves may not live on the same farm o No legal marriages Ceremonial ones Day – To – Day Slavery o House work was just as rough as the field work o Dangerous when closer to the family o Slaves were not passive but active - “living with an enemy”
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Unformatted text preview: o 1 out of 3 slave kids died o Slave women aborted their children because they didn’t want them to be slaves o The average slave man lived 32 years, slave women lived 33 o The average white man lived 56 years, white women lived 60 o Some slaves tried to escape o Fictive Kin : “fake family” o After emancipation, slaves tried to find families o Some slave women refused to marry their husbands • Polygamy : when one man has mutiple wives o 60,000 polygamists in the U.S. o Moron, Muslims, some Christians • Polyandry: when one woman has mutiple husbands o Usually woman marries a set of brothers o Most common in Tibet o Shortage of women and land o Have to take care of 5 men (laundry, cooking, etc) o See children as part of the family...
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April 2 - o 1 out of 3 slave kids died o Slave women...

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