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Vollaro Victoria Vollaro Professor Calo ENGL 1201 BF 20 November 2007 I Passed the Test, What More Do You Want? Throughout the years spent in high school, teenagers will develop relationships with their teachers. There will be classes that are pleasant and full of life. There will be others that will be almost painful to sit through. This enjoyment usually depends on the type of teacher leading the class. Some teachers fill their classrooms with liveliness and games, to hold the students attention and keep them interested in the material that is being taught. Other educators prefer to assign bookwork to keep the students quiet for the class period. There are also teachers who lecture for the entire class while the students take notes. As explained in Paulo Freire’s book Pedagogy of the Oppressed , the problem with teachers, is that they lecture while students write, and then regurgitate the information back onto a test. Freire also points out that teachers are not the only people in the classroom that can teach someone new information. This proves to be false considering students can often teach each other and in some cases, students can teach the teacher something new. The more common and unfortunate kind of teachers are by-the-book teachers. Everything they teach comes directly from the state issued curriculum for whatever subject they are teaching, without any deviation. Their teaching style consists simply of lectures, notes, homework, and nothing more. Most students dread going to these teachers’ classes for fear of 40 minutes of busy book work. Therefore, a classroom should be full of discussion, debates, and appealing activities to make a student 1
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Vollaro passionate about that subject at hand. Classes should be pleasurable to attend, not a task to sit through. Also, teachers should strive to get students motivated to keep the information in their brains for later use, rather than just for the test on the subject. Teachers that keep their teaching method identical to the curriculum are the
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persuasive essay - Vollaro Victoria Vollaro Professor Calo...

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