The Pacific Conflict

The Pacific Conflict - The Japanese advancement ended at...

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The Pacific Conflict (1941-45) -The Japanese Attack December 41-Spring of 42. Japanese wanted a buffer zone around them They pushed the empire south and east in an attempt to eliminate supply lines between the US and Australia. Admiral King pushed for the “War Plan Orange” type of victory, pushing through a fleet of battleships. Macarthur wanted to return back to the Philippines where he fled from.
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Unformatted text preview: The Japanese advancement ended at the battle at Midway. The fleet was stopped and ended Japanese advancement. -American Response • 2 prong attack, navy moving west towards Japan, Macarthur moving from the south and island hopping his way to the Philippines. -Other Fronts Manchuria, India, China-Finale (1944-1945) War Plan Orange “Island Hopping” Douglas Macarthur Operation Downfall...
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