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Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars class notes 2-1-07

Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars class notes 2-1-07 -...

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Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars (1789-1815) Military impact of the French Revolution New Social and political system that drew popular support Ideologically motivated armies Promotion based on talent, not aristocratic status Armies could be more self sufficient, they would live off of the land they lived in Total conscription. Size of armies grew larger and larger, and had total support from the populous. 1790’s France is led by a military dictatorship. Napoleon grows out of this dictatorship and crowns himself emperor in 1804 Napoleon Somewhat ideological base that he wanted to liberate the oppressed peoples of Europe. Has limitless bounds of ambition and talent Other European powers opposed france because they feared Napoleons desire to topple traditional power Conduct of the Napoleonic Wars British blockade the whole of Europe in hopes of blocking off international trade.
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  • Spring '08
  • Dueck
  • Napoleonic Wars, largest army, British blockade, Somewhat ideological base, traditional power Conduct, actual French occupation

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