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Concert of Europe class notes 2-6-07 - • 5 great powers...

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Concert of Europe Congress of Vienna (1815) The balance of power system in the past did not prevent wars, it just prevented a country from taking over all of Europe. Following the Napoleonic wars the victors of war were granted land, France was contained with buffer states. The principle of legitimacy became very important in European balance of power. They weren’t that hard on the French because they didn’t want a feeling of bitterness. How the concert worked
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Unformatted text preview: • 5 great powers met in conference to deal with problems as they arose. • The concert gave adjustments to the workings of Europe legitimacy. • There had to be consent for any changes, 5/5 countries had to be onboard. • No unilateral changes • The Russians, Prussians, and Austrians also wanted to protect culture, religion and conservative ideals • The British on the other hand did not wish to crush liberal revolutions •...
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