Foreign Policy and Defense

Foreign Policy and Defense - already happened....

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Foreign Policy and Defense Realism vs. Idealism Realists believe that everything is a power struggle and the largest tool for achieving this is military might. Realism- power, anarchy, survival. Idealists place value in morality over power. Wilsonian Idealism is that everyone should have self determination and eventually everyone would become democratic because it is the best form of government. Often religious ideologies come into play. US foreign policy was dictated by the policy of containment during the cold war era. Another policy that was used was “Rollback” where we actually wanted to not only contain communist movements, we wanted to regress communist movements that had
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Unformatted text preview: already happened. Internationalism vs. Isolationism Internationalism says we are a world power and to protect out interests we need to be out there actively protecting our interests. Think Tanks can play a huge role in formulating foreign policy. CFR (council on foreign relations) Most recent presidents have been a member of this think tank. Military Industrial Complex- term used by Eisenhower to describe the relationship between defense contracts, the people, and the military. It can push government policy closer to war because we are constantly buying weapons and preparing for war ....
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