Guerrilla War and Vietnam 3-12-07

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Guerrilla War and Vietnam -Intro Guerilla war is a reference to a technique or strategy that dates back even to the old testament of the bible, used during the Napoleonic wars, American Revolution and many more historical examples. -Mao Zedong Chinese communist forces defined modern guerilla warfare when combating Chinese nationalist forces. Creates a peasant based protracted long term effort. Three phase approach. Phase one- political strength, training troops, strategic defensive , no direct conflict. Phase two- stale mate , control the country side, force national forces into the cities, start to build an army. Phase three- strategic offensive , build a conventional army and overthrow the government. Mao targeted wealthy peasants and called them landlords, forced them off their lands or killed them. He offered peasants a stake in the
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Unformatted text preview: success of the communist movement. Redistributed land to peasants.-Vietnam Very strong charismatic leaders. Vietnamese communist forces showed high level of organization, skill, and belief in their cause. North Vietnam was mobilized for total war for the unification of all Vietnam under a common communist regime. Fighting a counter insurgency war makes it necessary to fight both politically for the people and against the guerillas themselves. You need to cut the support from the people to the Guerrillas. -Counter insurgency Johnson, domestic politics and US intervention (1964-65) Took over from Kennedy and inherited his foreign policy team, believed that they needed to win to prevent south Vietnam from falling to the communists. They would achieve this by preventing north Vietnam from being able to occupy south Vietnam....
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