The Making of Soviet Strategy 3-6-07

The Making of Soviet Strategy 3-6-07 - won the civil war a...

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Brian Miller 3-6-07 “The Making of Soviet Strategy” In the early development of Soviet strategy it makes sense that their initial concern would be the still mobilized and hostile Germany. The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was a huge loss for the soviet state. Giving up nearly 60% of their European land holdings and a third of their population the soviets found themselves in a hurting situation they believed would change as soon as their was a popular socialist revolution across Europe. The socialist revolution never happened however; and it leads the soviets to once again change their strategy. Most of the revolutionaries who fought in the civil war believed that the success to be found in the military might of the Soviet Union would be in the same tactics that
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Unformatted text preview: won the civil war, a mobile, out maneuvering army. The Bolsheviks made many compromises in creating and maintaining a Red Army. They first encountered the problem that they couldn’t have an army of sufficient size based on a volunteer army. So instead they ran conscription and held party leaders very close to the hearts of the men to maintain positive communist thought at all levels in the military. Because revolution never sweeps Europe the party leadership seeks to create satellite nations all around Europe. How did the Bolshevik leadership justify a popular revolt never sweeping across Europe?...
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