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Strategy in the American Civil War

Strategy in the American Civil War - states go without a...

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Strategy in the American Civil War The Union had a huge advantage when referring to mobility. With superiority of the seas the Union navy was able to encompass and lay siege to most major confederate cities. With the union navy and mixed army moving in from the Mississippi and taking control of Tennessee, the Confederate forces needed to figure out a strategy to find success without letting the union navy be a major factor in the war. The Confederate forces traditionally were fighting a defensive war. Jackson and Lee were in favor of making it an offensive war into the union territory rather than attempting a war of attrition such as what Washington had done in the American Revolution. The reasoning behind this is that the union army was resolute; they weren’t going to let the confederate
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Unformatted text preview: states go without a unifying confederate victory. The confederate armies made several advances into union controlled territory in attempt to win decisive victories destroying grants army. Jackson and lee were unable to win decisive army ending victories no matter how well maneuvered they were. It became a game with near equal losses on each side, which inevitably led to a confederate withdrawal. What is the advantage of the south going on the offensive instead of working like Washington in a war of attrition, wearing out the north politically? Why is it that Lee maneuvered to engage in an army defeating battle instead of defeating what he could when he could?...
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  • Spring '08
  • Dueck
  • American Civil War, Southern United States, Confederate States of America, union navy, Confederate forces, major confederate cities

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