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Class Notes 2-8-07.2-13-07 - I World War I: Background and...

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I World War I: Background and Causes Assassination of Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand in Austria Traditionally thought to have 4 causes 1) Nationalism- helped brought about by mass-circulation media 2) Militarism- large standing armies and increased military spending. Naval arms race between Germany and Britain in the building of dreadnoughts. 3) Alliance System- France, Russia, and more or less Great Britain. Germany, Austria, Hungary. 4) Imperialism- Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Montenegro kicked the ottomans out, then turn on each other and start fighting. Russia was looking over the Slavs in the Balkans, but at the same time Austria Hungary was also moving into the region. In 1914 when AH gave the Serbs an ultimatum and they accepted it, they still engaged in war. When that happens Russia jumps in and the Great War breaks out. Germany was in favor of the Austrians engaging in a short decisive war in the Balkans in order for Austria to gain power and for them to be a better ally to the Germans. The Germans mobilized their armies with anticipation of a war with France Schlieffen Plan- knock out France then hit Russia. The British became involved because they could not allow Germany to control one side of the English Channel. The Schlieffen Plan did not work as well as anticipated, they did not use enough
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Class Notes 2-8-07.2-13-07 - I World War I: Background and...

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