Class Notes 2-1-07

Class Notes 2-1-07 - I. Young Turks Continued The ottoman...

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I. Young Turks Continued The ottoman empire was very much a multinational empire Turks, Armenians, Greeks, Arabs, Kurds, Jewish/Zionist community in Palestine. 1908 Young Turk Revolution was pan-Turkic and pan-Islamic in aims. Enver Pasha- Leader of the young Turks Ottoman Empire known as the sickly one of Europe when they lost Bulgaria in 1878. Great Britain, France, and Russia all wanted to carve up the Ottoman Empire. Britain- Suez Canal and down to India. Wanted access to more oil interest in the Ottoman Empire. Necessity created due to their conversion to a petroleum based naval fleet. France- Lebanon/Oil Prussia had Military and economic ties with the Ottoman Empire. They had plans for a Baghdad to Berlin Rail Road II. Mother Russia 1914 Russia covered 1/6 of the worlds land mass 1/3 of the population was Slavs. Other ethnic groups included Georgians, Tartars, Armenians, Poles, Germans, Uzbeks. Many Eastern European Jews lived in an area known as the Pale Settlement. Pogroms were officially sanctioned attacks on the Pale. At the beginning of the 20 th century Russia was the world’s 4 th largest industrial power; however they lagged far behind the other major powers both economically and technologically. Never really got to the stage of “industrial take-off.” The
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Class Notes 2-1-07 - I. Young Turks Continued The ottoman...

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