HIST 1623 Final Exam Review Sheet

HIST 1623 Final Exam Review Sheet - HIST 1623 Lavery Spring...

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1 HIST 1623 Lavery Spring 2006 Review Sheet for Final Part I: Sample identifications: Answer ten of the following (30 pts) 1. Name three totalitarian dictators. Mussolini Hitler Stalin 2. Four large empires/monarchies fell after World War I. Name three of them. Ottoman Empire Austro-Hungarian Empire German Empire 3. Give three factors for unrest in Russia before the revolution. Ineffective rule of Tsar Nicholas II Rising inflation and cost of food Defeats suffered by the army 4. What three countries belonged to the Triple Entente? England Russia France 5. What do the following abbreviations mean: EU, NATO, UN? European Union North Atlantic Trade Organization United Nations 6. Give three major changes instituted by the Bolsheviks (Communists) in Russia after they took power. Government took control of all major capital concerns Outlawed private trade in consumer goods Abolished money 7. Who are the following figures from interwar Europe: A.) This economist advocated a role for government in capitalism, B.) This architect founded the Bauhaus school, C.) This man was Italy’s fascist dictator. Louis Blanc? Walter Gropius Benito Mussolini 8. Name three countries where communist regimes fell 1989-1991. The USSR Bosnia East Germany 9. Name three “tools of imperialism.” Technology Ideology Economy 10. Identify the following thinker: A.) This person wrote the Communist Manifesto , B.) This person tried to develop the Soviet Union with five-year plans, C.) In creating “Bolshevism,” This person adapted Marxism to Russian conditions. Karl Marx Stalin Lenin? 11. Name three signatories of the Treaty of Rome. France West Germany Italy 12. Name three Utopian socialists. Charles Fourier Robert Owen Etienne Cabet
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Part II: Essay (70 pts). Two of these will appear on the final. You will answer one. Use relevant reading and lecture material 1. Discuss the development of (western) European integration since 1945. Before the 1940s there had been sporadic attempts made to unite Europe politically and bring peace. However none of these movements went forward, mainly due to these attempts being set forward with “hard power”. After World War II had ended officials again made attempts to unite Europe, but this time through the use of “soft power”. The outcome of World War II brought no real winners or losers in Europe. Most counties were considerably weakened by the war. The only two clear cut winners were the USSR and the United States. The USSR asserted its power by setting up communist satellite states in Eastern Europe, including East Germany. The United States had a larger impact on European integration in several ways. The United States flexed its military dominance in Europe letting counties not have to worry about protecting themselves with their own military. The United States also brought economic aid in the form of the
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HIST 1623 Final Exam Review Sheet - HIST 1623 Lavery Spring...

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