Exam 1 - The nervous system Descartes- human body is an...

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The nervous system Descartes- human body is an animal machine that can be understood scientifically- by discovering natural laws through empirical observation The neuron - Receive process and transmit info to other cells in the body - 200 different types - Dendrite- o Receives incoming signals o Receives signals from sense receptors or other neurons - Soma o cell body o Contains nucleus and cytoplasm - Axon o Single, extended fiber o Receives info from dendrites - Terminal buttons o Swollen bulblike structures o Stimulate nearby glands, muscles or other neurons - Glial cells o hold neurons in place o clean up dead neurons o insulation Myelin sheath- cover formed for insulation, increases speed of signal Multiple sclerosis is caused by deterioration of the myelin sheath o Prevents toxic substances in the blood from reaching the cells of brain o Neural communication - Synapse o Sm all gap betwe en pre (terminal button)and postsynaptic m e m bran e(dendrite or so m a)- n ever touch o Synaptic trans mission- relaying info from one n euron to another across the synap g ap o Synaptic vesicles att ach to terminal button Inside are n eurotrans mitters that stimulate other n eurons They att ach if sa m e sh ap e and no other subst ances att ach ed to receptor
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Reuptake- neurotransmitters discharge from receptor site and are reused and   recycled again o Synaptic cleft- gap between terminal button and cell membrane Neurotransmitters - Acetylcholine o Neurotransmitter found in central and peripheral nervous systems o Excitatory at junctions between nerves and muscles o Alzheimer’s disease – deterioration of neurons that secrete acetyl. - GABA o Inhibitory neurotransmitter- control, slow you down o Messenger o Low level – anxious  - Dopamine o High levels lead to schizophrenia  o Drugs to treat- Lower level of dopamine- produces Parkinson’s disease - Norepinephrine-  o Involved in depression - Serotonin o Selective reuptake inhibitor
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Exam 1 - The nervous system Descartes- human body is an...

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