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sociology- review 5

sociology- review 5 - Lilly Polivoda Chapter Eight There...

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Lilly Polivoda Chapter Eight:  T here are several ways in which a person's social class affects his/her "life chances": including  access to health care, nutrition, education, and safe environments. Which of these do you feel is most critical to have  access to AND WHY? In my opinion, having access to a proper education is the most critical thing. It is important because to have everything else such as health care, nutrition, and a safe environment, education is crucial. When people are not educated, nothing in their lives can improve. What they have at that moment is all they know and do not know how to strive for anything else. Uneducated people are basically just stuck in whatever situation they are in. They cannot provide for their family or themselves without working, and you need to be somewhat educated to get a decent job. It is really an endless cycle because the people that need jobs cannot get the jobs because of the way the welfare system works. Unfortunately, people who are uneducated
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