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Boy Scouts has played a major role in shaping my life. My role in the troop gave me an opportunity to practice leadership and learn the importance of taking responsibility for my actions. During my junior year at Mounds View High School, I was elected by a group a forty middle and high school scouts to be the Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 626. One responsibility that I took on was the planning for an upcoming trip to Vertical Endeavors Climbing Area. At the meeting two weeks before the trip, I was to have information about the cost and the forms required in order to go on the trip. The troop was relying on me to get this information in order for us to go on this trip. I completely forgot about calling Vertical Endeavors to check out this information. At the meeting the next Monday, I had to admit to thirty adults and scouts that I had forgotten to get the information and I had failed in my leadership for this trip.
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Unformatted text preview: I took responsibility for my actions by admitting that I failed at my task. I came up with an idea to this fix this problem. I told the troop that I would send out the forms and information by email, start a calling tree to remind scouts about the sign-up at the next meeting and also would bring all the information and forms to the next meeting. By taking extra time and effort on my part, I was able to recover from my mistake and create a successful trip. Overall, the trip to Vertical Endeavors was successful and I learned several important lessons from this leadership experience. I learned to take responsibility for my actions and how to make a bad situation into a successful one. Most importantly, I understood that when given a leadership role, I had to follow through on what I said I would do....
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