VietnamPaper - 1. When did you go to Vietnam and did you...

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1. When did you go to Vietnam and did you voluntarily go or were you drafted? Instead of waiting three to four months for his draft number to come up, Dave Wright volunteered for the draft in 1968. Later in November of 1968, Dave Wright was stationed in Vietnam. In November 1969, his one year draft was up and he returned to the US (United States). 2. Where were you stationed in Vietnam? When Dave Wright arrived in Vietnam in 1968, he was stationed to the 1st Division, 1/26th Infantry Regiment based at Lai Khe. The division operated in the Iron Triangle between Saigon and Cambodia. 3. What rank where you when you came into the army, and what rank were you when you returned home and what responsibilities came with each rank. When Dave Wright first joined, he was a Private First Class (E-1). After a year of serving, he was a Buck Sergeant (E-5). As a Private First Class, he was responsible for carrying out the orders given by the corporals and then relay that information to the privates. As a Buck Sergeant, he was in charge of 9 to 10 soldiers and he oversaw other soldiers daily lives, including where to move his soldiers. 4. What were your rations and supplies like? "C" rats, the basic rations, were all they had in the jungle. Dave Wright liked the ham & lima beans which most everyone else hated. Pork slices were tolerable but peaches and pound cake were to die for. To heat the food, they would use plastic explosives to heat them up. C-4 would burn but not explode when lit with a match which allowed food to be heated. A few of the M-16's had a bad habit of jamming during a fire fight. Dave was unlucky enough to get one of those, and it nearly killed him. The other equipment was bought out of his own money. He carried a light load of about 50 pounds. 5. How many men were in your unit?
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VietnamPaper - 1. When did you go to Vietnam and did you...

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