GeographyofConsciousness - vii Boundary conditions – Who...

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Psychology 2-18-8 Consciousness – mysterious, recognition of self A Geography of Consciousness Foundational i. Subjectivity ii. Unity – consciousness is united into one experience Horizontal- extends through time Vertical- if you take a slice of consciousness, “this moment” iii. Intentionality – the mind’s ability to direct itself, outside of itself, relates us to the external world; pointing to something outside of ourselves. Key feature that relates what is your head to what is outside your head. iv. Mood – flavor of consciousness, every conscious state has some kind of flavor. Becomes evident when we have dramatic shifts. Is NOT the same thing as emotion. Mood is always present. v. Gestalt Structure – brain puts structure on things that don’t have structure. Order is imposed on things that don’t have order. We always impose a figure-ground on everything we see. vi. Center vs. periphery – attention and consciousness are not the same thing (attention like a flashlight, consciousness is a field)
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Unformatted text preview: vii. Boundary conditions – Who am I? Days you can’t remember what day of the week, or how old you are. viii. Familiarity – we force our categories onto what we see ix. Overflow – ordinary non pathological states of consciousness typically refer beyond themselves x. Pleasantness/unpleasantness – every conscious state always comes to us one or the other. Was it fun or not? Not Foundational i. Self consciousness – for many it is the defining characteristic, it is a unique thing that we don’t have all that often, self-awareness is a special phenomena ii. Introspection – some people think it is the defining characteristic of mind, vision isn’t an accurate metaphor iii. Incorrigibility – inability to be corrected; some believe our mental states are incorrigible. Three reasons people make mistakes about themselves Inattentive Self-deception Ambiguity...
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GeographyofConsciousness - vii Boundary conditions – Who...

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