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PsychConsciousness - Psychology(2-13-8 Consciousness any...

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Psychology (2-13-8)
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Consciousness - any thought that you can recognize about yourself or your surroundings James’s basic characteristics of consciousness a. Personal- subjective b. Always changing (“You can never step into the same river twice.) You never have the same experience twice. c. Consciousness is continuous, it extends over time; there may be gaps but it’s still continuous. Substantive- (like a bird perched on a branch) focused in class Transitive- (like a bird flying) just kinda phasing out in class d. Selective- you can focus your attention by narrowing it in on one spot Circadian rhythms - behavior tends to go in 90 min cycles, Temperature- body temp fluctuates during the day; it is lowest at about 3-4 a.m. in the morning, highest during 6 and 8 pm Our alertness is lowest between 2-5 during the afternoon, it is higher earlier in the morning Larks - early morning people Owls - best at night Suprachiasmitic Nucleus - body’s basic biological clock, our body’s are on a 25
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PsychConsciousness - Psychology(2-13-8 Consciousness any...

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