PsychHistory - Psychology 1-21-8 History is important...

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Psychology 1-21-8 History is important because if you want to understand where an area is then you need to understand what led to it getting there. Ancient Greece 550 b.c. – looked for natural processes to understand natural phenomena rather than with supernatural ones Refined their ideas through debate and criticism Hippocratic medicine- look for natural causes of natural phenomena Ex: Epilepsy considered a visitation by the gods before Hippocratics Plato Influenced by earlier Greeks Didn’t trust his senses (believed senses betrayed us) Believed logic led to knowledge Transcendant thinker Aristotle Thought you had to have direct observation or experience that gave us knowledge Deductive logic – establishes the rules A=B A=C Therefore A=C Blank Slate - (John Locke, Jefferson in Declaration of Independence) Our minds are like hot wax and the world through experience makes its stamp on us. “De Anima”- first systematic book written about psychological phenomena
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Augustine Bishop of the Christian church in North Africa First person in the west to write a true autobiography – “Confessions” Done through a procedure he calls introspection Introspection- systematic self awareness William of Occum Occum’s Razor – don’t make assumptions you don’t need, keep assumptions to a minimum; the more assumptions you make the more chances you have of being wrong 1543 Copernicus publishes the Heliocentric Theory of the Solar System this is where people begin to mark the rise of science Rene Descartes Mind-Body Problem – what is the relationship between mental events and
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PsychHistory - Psychology 1-21-8 History is important...

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