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Title: Immunity 1. Your body under attack 2. Who is the enemy? Viruses (influenza) Bacteria (streptococcus group A) Single celled organisms (yeast, protozoans, malarial parasites) Multicellular organisms (raccoon parasite) roundworm Your own cells - cancer 3. Your immune system helps you defend against: Parasites – an organism that consumes parts of its hosts Pathogen – organisms that cause disease Cancerous cells – body’s own cells that have undergone o Mutations to cause uncontrolled growth 4. Autoimmune diseases: Caused by immune system attacking own cells Multiple sclerosis – destruction of myelin sheath Type I diabetes – pancreatic beta cells destroyed Rheumatoid arthritis – destruction of joints Graves disease – thyroid hormone receptors destroyed causing overproduction of thyroid hormones o Inflamed an characteristic bulging of eyes 5. Lymphatic organs in immunity: Lymph nodes – filter bacterial cells and other large particles from the lymph Tonsils – partially encapsulated lymph nodes in pharynx; first to encounter pathogens entering nose and mouth Thymus – located along trachea. Involves in maturation of lymphocytes (white blood cells) Spleen – site of old RBC destruction and a blood reservoir Red bone marrow – site of stem cells that divide to produce blood cells, including LYMPHOCYTES, white blood cells 6. Lymphocytes differentiate into different cell types:
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111immunitytemplate - Title Immunity 1 Your body under...

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