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History 1073 Mid-term II Study Guide The second mid-term will comprise lecture and reading material from 2/1 through 3/3. You should be able to define the following terms and themes and their significance in multiple choice, identification, and image recognition questions. Progressivism Settlement Houses Muckraking- Journalism and writing during beginning of 20 th century when yellow journalism brought up social evils of U.S. industy. “White Man’s Burden”- the white man (British ancestory WASP) should take care of the savages and assimilate them to white society and christianity. Nativism- Anti immigrant; anti-black, anti-semitic, anti-catholic, grandfather should be from American, anit-chinese. Spanish American War- April 1898 America supported Cuban independence from Spain. Sparked by Maine explosion reported as an attack, but most likely electrical failure. Philippine War- Spanish 1900 fleet is destroy in Manilla. U.S. occupied Phillipines afterward, but it was short lived. The natives revolted violently. Alfred Thayer Mahan- Naval Admiral who supported American imperialism involving bases located in international countries. Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine- 1904 intervened in the debts of central American countries in order to uphold Monroe Doctrine. Panama Canal- Built by U.S 1897-1901 in order to cut trade expenses and travel in half. Fordism- mass manufacturing by assembly line; became the ideal way to manufacture goods. Lusitania- British passenger cruise liner sunk by German U-boats off the coast of Ireland because of suspicions of contraband soon to arrive in England. Zimmerman Telegram- German message sent to Mexico to persuade Mexican
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course HI 1073 taught by Professor Marshall during the Spring '08 term at Mississippi State.

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studyguide2 - History 1073 Mid-term II Study Guide The...

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