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1Alison Smith January 24, 2007 Western Civilization I Tuesday/Thursday: 1-2:15 PM Lysistrata : A Play for All Times The play Lysistrata is considered to be one of the more modern of Aristophanes’ comedies, and that the type of comedy is easily transferred to modern audiences. However, these ideas are debatable, as all facts are, but can be easily proven true. Lysistrata begins when Lysistrata, the title character of the play, calls a meeting for all the women in Greece to discuss her plan to end the Peloponnesian war. She tells the women that they must abstain from sex to make the men declare peace and end the foolish war. The women rebel at first, but then they come to see things as Lysistrata does, and they take over the Akropolis, basically the town hall of Athens, so that the treasury cannot be used in the war. The older women conduct a battle of words with the old men and officers in the town and wait for the men to take leave from the war so their plan can really begin. They make themselves up and wear their most appealing clothing and tempt their men when they come home, however they refuse to sleep with them, and if forced, they will not participate the least bit in the act, making it less satisfying for the men. When the sex strike begins to take its toll, as on Myrrhine’s husband, Kinesias, the men of Athens and Sparta quickly meet and discover that they share the same
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westerncivlysistrata - Alison Smith Western Civilization I...

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