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1 MATH 115 – PRECALCULUS Syllabus – Fall 2007 TEXTBOOK: Precalculus Essentials, by Robert Blitzer, 2 nd Edition I. COURSE CONTENT Math 115 - Precalculus, is designed to prepare students for entry into Math 221, Calculus. It is expected that M115 students have a thorough understanding of algebra topics. A review of these topics appears in the Prerequisites Chapter (P.1 - P.9). Students who need to review algebra before attempting precalculus should register for M010. Students who are planning on taking Math 241 should enroll in Math 117 – Precalculus for Scientists and Engineers. Any student who is not required to take precalculus for his/her major may wish to consult their advisor to determine whether Math 114, Math 113, or Math 127 is more appropriate. Math 115 is an in-depth study of the concept of functions. We will specifically study linear, quadratic, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions. Both algebraic and graphical techniques will be used throughout the course. II. COURSE ORGANIZATION Each Math115 section meets each week for 2.5 hours in either three 50 minute classes or two 75 minute classes. Although most of you have studied precalculus in high school and many may have studied calculus, there are several important distinctions between high school and university mathematics courses that you should note: The pace of the course is considerably faster than most high school courses. You are expected to spend significant time outside of class reading the text, doing homework problems, and preparing yourself to participate in class. There are common exams that all Math 115 students take at the same time - three specific Wednesday evenings (see dates in Section V). The grading scale is fixed. There is no “curving” nor any special grading arrangements. III. HOMEWORK A list of assigned homework problems is included in Section VII of this syllabus. You are expected to complete the problems before the next class meeting. Additional exercises may be assigned by your instructor.
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The textbook contains several useful sub-sections within the assigned problems for each section. These include: Practice Exercises; Practice Plus; Application Exercises, Writing in Mathematics; Technology Exercises; and Critical Thinking Exercises. In addition, each section lists the section objectives and each chapter contains a mid-chapter check point, chapter overview of concepts, review problems and a chapter test. All of these textbook features should be useful learning resources throughout the course. Additional resources to keep up with the material and help you to succeed in the course are: Instructor’s office hours Mathematics Department tutorial site Academic Enrichment Center IV. GRAPHING CALCULATOR
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syllabus-07f - MATH 115 PRECALCULUS Syllabus Fall 2007...

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