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To: Bret Ross 1/27/08 From: Ashley Hamilton Online Definition Exercise Flake” Introduction: The English language is full of many slang terms. They could be words that mean something completely different than they are defined in the dictionary. It is important to know a few slang terms to comprehend people having a conversation in the United States today. This paper will be defining the slang term, “flake”. Usage: The Slang word “flake” refers to an action of a person in a negative manner. Typically, it means someone who never shows up to social events. The term is also usually used
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Unformatted text preview: among friends. Example: In this context, the word flake (or flakey) could be used in a conversation like, John decided not to go to the movies with us tonight, hes such a flake ! Another example could be, I wish Bill would come to dinner with us more often, but hes so flakey! Negation: Being flakey does not necessarily mean a bad thing. Typically it is used between friends about friends they want to spend time with. It is not to be taken as an insult, just a fact....
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