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HamiltonMethodology - day • Interview transfer students...

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Methodology Ashley Hamilton English 108 To find out if this problem is worth diving more into, I will propose a study be done to find out more information on this topic. In this section I will suggest possible strategies to take to gain more insight to our problem. Hand out surveys to find how many students had problems finding their classes Conduct a survey on current students to see what they remember about their first day of school. Conduct a survey on new students to see how well they found their classes the first day. Conduct a survey on possible future students to see what they expect when they enter a new school. Conduct interviews with students about problems they ran into Interview new students to find specific problems with finding classes on the first
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Unformatted text preview: day. • Interview transfer students to see how other schools implemented navigation strategies. • Interview other students and staff with problems they had in the past. Having a discussion with students to find possible solutions • Invite students and staff to discuss the problems • Brainstorm possible solutions After this study has been done, we will know more about what the students feel when it comes to finding their classes on the first day. It is important to include all types of students to get more experiences. With the discussion sessions, you should have a solution to the problem in no time!...
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