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To: ComPlex Employees From: Ashley Hamilton Date: 1/29/08 Subject: How a Bill Becomes a Law Most people today know little about how their government is run. It is important to be knowledgeable about the things our government does, in order to make an informed decision when voting. The process of law-making, for instance, is a procedure that is not known by the common man. This paper will give you the tools you need to understand this practice. Creating a Bill All laws started as an idea at one point in time. Most of these laws had to go the same route in order for them to be approved and enforced. An example of an idea someone would want to make might be to change the age a person can legally buy cigarettes to 21. The idea is written down and presented to a committee meeting in either the house or the senate (the order isn’t important). The idea is then officially a bill. Voting on the Bill After the idea is presented to the committee, they have two choices of what to do with it. They can either place the bill on the calendar of events further on for the second required
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HamiltonNonTechnicalAudience - To ComPlex Employees From...

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