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This set of instructions will tell you how to perform CPR on an adult. When you finish reading these instructions you will know what to do when a victim loses a pulse. You don’t have to know anything about CPR to learn it. First, these directions will go over some basic things you need to know in order to perform CPR. Then, they will describe the tools you will need to perform the task. Finally, you will read the actual steps in performing CPR. These directions were written so you could learn the steps quickly, and use it as a reference guide in an emergency situation. Learning CPR is an important life skill, and if you follow these directions, you will be saving lives in no time! What is CPR? CPR stands for Cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which means, an emergency procedure that is performed when the hear stops. Basically, when you perform CPR, you want to get
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Unformatted text preview: oxygen into the lungs and then pump the oxygen into the body. Important tools you need to perform CPR what you will need: • Phone (or other means of communication) • CPR Mask • Gloves All of these tools are vital for YOUR safety as well as the victims. You will need to contact a hospital with a phone; with out it, the person you are trying to save may die waiting for proper medical care. The CPR mask and gloves are to protect you from diseases that may be carried in blood or vomit. Warning! Failure to use any of these objects may cause transmission of a bloodborne pathogen, or even death. Directions The following pages are the directions of CPR. They will take you through the process step by step, with corresponding pictures through out....
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