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2941 Eisenhower Ave. Ames, Iowa 50010 March 30, 2008 Anna Journey Human Resources Director Tumbleweed Center for Youth and Development 1419 N. 3 rd  St. #102 Phoenix, Arizona 85004 Dear Ms. Journey, I am very interested to learn your company reaches 3,000 youth annually. I  was particularly intrigued to see how many programs are offered! With all of  those programs, you must have a need for new highly qualified employees  often. I would like you to consider me for any openings you may have. In May I plan on moving to the Phoenix area; my hope is to join a team like  yours when I arrive there. To develop my knowledge of the field, I have taken  several classes to assist me in Criminal Justice. These include Juvenile Law  to help me become more familiar with the processes, and Developmental 
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Unformatted text preview: Psychology to help me understand a youth’s mind. I have also taken Technical Writing to help me in communicating with other co-workers. With my background as an intern I have gained many skills I can put to use for you. As an intern I assumed responsibility of groups with up to 7 clients, and have worked with an extensive range of personalities. I know I have gained the knowledge and experience to be a valued member of your team and can make a real difference to those you serve. I would like to discuss with you the possibility to contribute to your company. You can reach me by phone at (515)-450-2995 or by email at [email protected] Sincerely yours, Ashley Hamilton Enclosure...
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