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whatmakescrimnalsdangerous - already on probation are...

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Ashley Hamilton Criminal Justice 100 Assignment #7 The strongest factor to consider when deeming a criminal dangerous is their past criminal record. What have they done before? Maybe just a few parking tickets, a robbery, or maybe even a murder charge. A criminal’s history can tell you a lot about their habits and what they are likely to do. Another determinant to look at could be family history. Did their dad have a history of supposal abuse, or a mom with drug abuse? These could be some more clues to the composition of a person. The final suggestion I would have is to take a look at the determinants of pretrial release or detention box in the reading. It has a lot of great suggestions to consider. Things like substance abuse and
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Unformatted text preview: already on probation are included and definitely items to thing about. From the reading that I did, it sounds like the jail programs don’t work like they should. The criminal does well in the program, but when they are released they can’t find a job, or they fall back into old habits. The book stated that 70% of clients were rearrested with in five years and more than half of the study group was arrested with in a year. The idea has good intentions but is poorly executed. A job placement program and follow up treatment could dramatically increase potential....
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