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Defendingtheguilty - person that is trained to do it Also...

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Is it ethical for defense counsel to represent clients that they know are guilty? Please support your position. In my opinion, not only is it ethically sound to defend a person that could be guilty, but I believe it wouldn’t be moral to take that right away from someone. Everyone has the right to a fair trial. With out a lawyer that wouldn’t be possible. No one could understand the court jargon, or know how to go about the twist and turns of the process with out a
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Unformatted text preview: person that is trained to do it. Also, another right everyone has is the right to assumption of innocence. The only way a lawyer would know their client is guilty is if they told them. Even then, they still deserve to fight. In conclusion, not giving a criminal who is guilty a lawyer is not fair, and that would not be ethical. I got a lot of information off of this pdf: http://www.bclaw.bc.ca/publications/Defending_the_Guilty.pdf...
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