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Ashley Hamilton Technical Writing Informative Email To tell you about my educational process when it comes to my communication abilities, I have to start in elementary school. When I was little, I used to love English. I loved writing short stories and reading books. When I was in fifth grade I had the vocabulary of an eighth grader. Then, I went to middle school. By then we still had spelling tests and we were getting into the tougher points of English classes. High school was not much better for me. Things like verbs, pronouns, run-ons, and all of the other elements of a sentence confused me. I was also required to take the dreaded speech class. Needless to say, by this time I hated English. It hasn’t all been bad, though. Some of my strengths in English include: grammar, spelling, and learning about new types of communication (i.e. email, cell phones, etc.). I
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Unformatted text preview: still have many things I can improve on when it comes to communication. I feel as though more creativity would be beneficial when it comes to the things I write and say, and no matter what I do, I still have run-on sentences in every paper that I write. I also have trouble looking at the big picture and seeing how things fit together. Organization is my biggest problem by far. This is why I am happy to take Technical Writing. It will be a great chance to work on organization skills, and working on things I will use in the future. I want to learn how to be more effective in my communication, getting the point across right away and not worrying about the little details that dont matter. I am also excited to learn about standard practices in the workplace. I want to go into my career confident in what I am doing....
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This essay was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course ENG 108 taught by Professor Ross during the Spring '08 term at Des Moines CC.

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