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specializedcourts - San Francisco where it could help the...

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Ashley Hamilton Criminal Justice 100 Assignment #9 I think specialized courts have good points and bad points to them. Specialized courts will have more experience in sentencing specific offenders. They will become more familiar with what is to be expected and get the criminals help if they need it. The bad part about this process is how do you categorize a crime that fits into two courts? If a man uses drugs then beats his wife, what court would that go to? Will it go to both? I think specialized courts should be used, but only in bigger areas, like New York and
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Unformatted text preview: San Francisco where it could help the courts speed up. I think it’s unnecessary for small towns to have them. And even if they did have specialized courts, they should have one that isn’t. So cases that could go to two courts or civil cases could go instead. Another bad part about specialized courts is the theoretical implications. If someone is arrested for drug dealing and they go to that court, everyone will probably assume he is a drug dealer or there could be some questions on their innocence....
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