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Ashley Hamilton Criminal Justice 100 Assignment 2 The uniform crime reporting program was created by IACP in 1927. They took offences reported to law enforcement and created a measure of the nations criminality. Crime control advocates would probably say that the information isn’t good enough, because not all crimes are reported. It is a good measure for murder, but nothing else. A good thing they would notice is that all law enforcement agencies are required to report. I think due process advocates wouldn’t like that the crimes are split up into groups (violent part I, property part I, part II). This makes it seem like some crimes are more important than others. It even omits many types of crime. The National Incident-Based Reporting system was created in 1989 to correct some of the UCR’s flaws. Crime control advocates would probably argue that NIBRS is not a
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Unformatted text preview: national system. To date, only 25 states use it. And you can look at the UCR and NIBRS and get, essentially, the same information from it. Due process would state that NIBRS allows for incident details, and even though the information looks the same, some of the percentages are different. Also, more crimes are included than in the UCR. The last way to measure crime is through the National Crime Victimization survey. Crime control would probably say that the method is a survey, not a census, so tampering is a problem. Also, the survey only covers people over age 12. Due process would state that since the survey is sent to everyone, crimes that aren’t reported to the police could even be accounted for; As well as the fact that the Bureau of Justice Statistics has produced many reports using this data....
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