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notebook definitions - convey information the data-ink...

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Data distortion: A graphic can distort data if the graphical representation of the data gives an observer a different impression than the numerical representation. Data distortion can occur with complicated graphs, uneven intervals, ambiguous legends, or 3- D graphs. Data-ink ratio: The ratio of ink that portrays data to total ink. This breaks down to describe how efficient the graph is at providing information. Is the graph trying to inform or entertain? If a graph uses ink for illustrations or distracting items that do not
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Unformatted text preview: convey information, the data-ink ratio is poor. Chartjunk: Ink, often for decoration, that does not tell the viewer anything new. Often synonymous with non-data ink. Data Density: The size of the graphic in relation to the amount in information conveyed. Five Principles of Graphical Excellence: 1. Place priority on data. 2. Maximiza data-ink ratio 3. Erase non-data-ink 4. Erase redundant data ink 5. Revise and edit...
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