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Evan Lema Due: 23 October 2006 Professor Marchant Strength of Character
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Conformity is the act of behaving in a manor that in correspondence with socially accepted standards. To not conform is to be different, to refuse to think or do what others think you should. Society is based around the choices of those who pick to conform or not conform over different things. Whether it be conforming to follow the law or not conforming to watch the most popular TV show, it is constantly going on in every persons life. There are people in history and in literature that have taken a strong stance against the society around them to not conform, and who have had the will power to stand up for what they believed no matter how many were against them. Oscar Freedman in Phillip Roth’s fictional “Conversion of the Jews” and Leo Szilard from James Carroll’s historical House of War were both non-conformists. Faced with the glaring eyes of those around them who opposed them, they stood their ground and fought for their beliefs. The ability to not conform is a character trait that emphasizes their strength as individuals. Oscar Freedman is a thirteen year old boy who had the courage to stand up to Rabbi Marvin Binder, who was his teacher and religious leader at Hebrew School. The Rabbi is very strict and does not like to have his explanations questioned. Students are afraid to ask questions for fear of the verbal assault they will receive. This shows that the Rabbi wants the students to conform exactly to what he teaches and to not think for themselves. Oscar does not conform however, and he has already gotten himself in
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Non-conformity2 - Evan Lema Professor Marchant Due 23...

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