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atomic cafe and crucible - Evan Lema The Fifties Fear of...

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Evan Lema Due October 5th The Fifties Fear of the Uncontrollable The film Atomic Café and Arthur Miller’s The Crucible share an important element throughout their entirety. This element is that the people in both works are afraid of horrible things outside their control, and that their lives rested in the hands of the decisions of others. Atomic Café deals with the cold war and nuclear weapons while The Crucible deals with the overwhelming fear of witchcraft. A point of both comparison and contrast in Atomic Café is the segment about duck and cover, which related to the overall mood of the town in The Crucible . In Atomic Café there is a segment that shows how civilians in the United States were trained to react if they saw the flash from a nuclear bomb dropped by Soviet Russia. Duck and cover was the instructions given to people, especially minors who did not quite understand what was going on as well. It didn’t matter that ducking and covering would not in any way assist them in surviving a nuclear blast, it was more psychological. People’s brains could not handle the fact that they had absolutely no control over the
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atomic cafe and crucible - Evan Lema The Fifties Fear of...

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