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PS 240 Final Questions - PS 240 Final Exam – Review...

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Unformatted text preview: PS 240 Final Exam – Review Questions 1 Contradiction between declining number of Americans identifying themselves as feminists but continuing to support traditional feminist policies stems from the incorporation of feminist thought into everyday life • Power Feminism – Response to liberal feminism movement • A conservative feminism, resembling many of Phyllis Schlafly’s arguments vs. liberal feminism • Power feminism holds that liberal feminism portrays women as the innocent victim of male desire • Lifestyle Feminism – Response to liberal feminism movement • An effort to reclaim femininity as “girl power”, portraying the sexualized female not as the image of male desire but as a liberating image of femininity • Confidence and resistance Problems seen as it as consumer strategy for the latest fashion. • Postfeminism – Backlash of gains of feminism • Anti-Civil Union amendments • Clarence Thomas cases • Second wave of feminism got far, but didn’t achieve goals • Only realized by straight, white women • 3rd Wave (After fall of USSR) feminism vs. 2 nd Wave feminism • 3 rd wave involves cultural resistance over political resistance • Cultural resistance = girl power • The word “woman” is culturally defined in 3 rd wave • Differing cultures = different definitions of feminism • Multiple feminisms • Understanding that there are more than one form 2 Liberal Feminists – Believe in equal rights; same rights as those already possessed by men • Desires and interests should be given equal consideration • Rely on legal reforms and elections to get change • Elect people who are sensitive to needs of women • “The Problem with No Name” • Goals : Changes in sex roles • Men do housework and child raising chores • Problems : False Universalism: Just like men??? • Liberalism says man is proprietor for himself • What about differences in body and brain types? • Liberalism ignores this • Problems (cont.) : Is liberal feminism too white, middle-class, heterosexual? • Conforming to male persona? • Be all you can be…in a men’s structure 3 First Wave of Feminism • Origins: • A Vindication of the Rights of Women – Mary Wolstonecraft • Officially started at Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention (1848) • Major Players : • Lucretia Mott • Elizabeth Cady Stanton • Important Victories : • Declaration of Rights and Sentiments • Declared that all men and all women are created equal • Second Wave of Feminism • Origins : • Ushered in by 3 key events 1) Creation of commission on the status of women • Created in 1961 by JFK • Reports on women in all 50 states 2) 1964 Civil Rights Act 4 Title VII prohibited exual discrimination 5 EEOC 3) Betty Friedan wore The Feminine Mystique 6 Gave voice to vague uneasiness in middle-class 7 Many women had complacency before this 8 Showed that every woman felt like this 9 Major Players : 1 0 Betty Friedan 1 1 John F Kennedy 1 2...
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PS 240 Final Questions - PS 240 Final Exam – Review...

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