BRC350test2 - Percentages Age 13- 50% girls are unhappy...

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Percentages Age 13- 50% girls are unhappy with their bodies *by age 17- 80% girls are unhappy with their bodies 90% anorexics are women 80% 10 year old diet 25% college females suffer from eating disorders 70% normal weight women want to be thinner 23% underweaight women think they are overweight 72% of women diet 37% articles in teen magazines focus on appearance—56% Tv ads 69% get fashion beauty info from magazines 27% feel pressure from media to be thin 47% only 9% women like everything about their bodies models are technically anorexic because they are 15% below normal bodyweight 90% white teens are unhappy with their bodies 30% black teens are unhappy with their bodies 300% increase in plastic surgery since transformation shows(like swan) 25% of anorexia/bulimia patients are over 35 2% anorexics are men 1 female for every 3 male—characters on TV 50/50 representation by 1985—leading roles about 25% “behind the scenes” are women Gender Balance in News Rooms o 1970 - 57% o 1982 - 97% o 1992-now - 99% 87% soundbites on broadcast news are males Women guests on the Today Show and GMA-36% Women front page stories- 15% Mtv is watched my 78% of boys and 73% of girls age 12-19 88% news directors are white only 34% can recite lyrics of favorite songs Death images are found in 44% of music videos 25% college females say they have rape fantasies 30% males say they would rape if knew they wouldn’t get caught 30% males are aroused by force element in sex 10-15% males aroused by a women on screen being battered
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“Firsts” March ’99- seventeen has plus size models fro the first time Lucy is the first woman to own and operate her own tv studio Mary Tyler Moore was the first working woman role model on TV o Had first female director- Joan Darling Linda Bloodsworth- was the first woman to be asked to write to develop a woman character (on MASH) Maude- TV’s first feminist Three’s Company- first Co-habitants Pauline Frederik- first woman under contract with a news division – ABC Barbara Walters- First woman co-anchor, first female with million dollar contract Marlene Sanders- first woman to anchor local tv evening broad cast Liz Trotta- first female foreign correspondent Leslie Stan- first woman to cover a national political concention Jane Pauley- first woman to be visibly pregnany on TV
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BRC350test2 - Percentages Age 13- 50% girls are unhappy...

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