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Human Sexuality final - Human Sexuality final Types of...

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Human Sexuality final Types of relationships o Monogamy- 2 people form a long lasting exclusive relationship—most common type o Serial monogamy- Serious relationship- break up – serious relationship- break up- serious relationship—and so on o Polyandry- one women establishes relationships with 2+ men o Polygyny- one man establishes relationship w/ 2+ women- 2 nd most common o Promiscuity- no long term relationships formed Marriage as a reproductive contract: control of female sexuality o Mutual obligation between husband and wife o Rights of sexual access that are usually, but not always exclusive to others o The “legitimization” of children o Expectation that the marriage will last Male attempts to control women’s sexuality o In delicio flagrante and male violence o Veiling, chaperoning, “purdah”, and incarceration o Foot-binding o Genital mutilation o Women as men’s legal property o Mentral taboo Marriage Rituals o Bride is or not allowed to wear white depending upon…(trad dress is red) o Family and friends of bride sit on opposite side of groom’s family and friends o Groom “pays” for “honeymoon” o Wedding guest bring gifts which are sometimes put on display o Brides father “gives her away” o Bride’s family traditionally pays for reception o After specific rituals the groom is allowed to kiss the bride o Assembled guests are asked if theres any reason they shouldn’t be married —“speak now or forever hold your peace” o First bite of cake is to the bride, fed by the groom—sometimes simultaneous o Rice is showered over newlyweds—act of fertility o Groom treated to “night out with the boys” o Bride-prenuptual “shower” o After service- groom is “congratulated” and bride is wished “good Luck” Till Death to do us part o Us—50% marriages end in divorce o First marriages, 40-45%) divorce rate o Remarraiges- 55-65% divorce rate o Most within the first five years Unsuccessful transition from passion and romance into reality of forming a family unit
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Physical, financial, and emotional strains of first child Number of marriages that are hastily contracted and hastily disolives- shotgun wedding and las vegas quickies o Longer marriages last, less likely a divorce will occur o Risk of divorce is highest for childless couples and decreases with number of children o Some stay childless in order to preserve “freedom” and future “options o Some feel a duty to stay together if they have children o Compatible couples stay together longer and have more children together o Couples with at least one son are less likely to divorce than parents w/ daughters o Of nations 111.1 million house holds in 2005 1930-84%married 1990-56% married 2000- 52%married 2005- 49.7%married Trends and implications o Total number married couples in increasing that ever, but percent is decreasing 50 for first time o Most Americans eventually marry Delay marriage no reject it
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Human Sexuality final - Human Sexuality final Types of...

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