Comparing Political Systems

Comparing Political Systems - Chapter 2: Comparing...

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Chapter 2: Comparing Political Systems. I. Why Compare? 1.) We compare to deepen our understandings of our own political systems, to expand our knowledge about the various political alternatives, to illuminate the virtues of short comings of our political systems, compare our political system with the others, and finally to deepen our understanding about the possibilities of politics. Therefore comparison constitutes the methodological core of C.P. II. How Do We Compare? 1.) In comparative politics the method by which we make comparisons is called the comparative method. Comparative method has three steps: A.) Description In describing politics, we begin with a set of concepts that are clearly defined. These concepts are called conceptual frameworks. Conceptual frameworks are neither right or wrong. They simply provide us with certain conceptions. B.) Explanation In explaining a political phenomena, we need to understand and identify the relationships between the various parts of the phenomena. In
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Comparing Political Systems - Chapter 2: Comparing...

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