India - I. India is located in south Asia. It is the...

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I. India is located in south Asia. It is the largest liberal democracy after the United States. A.)A prior colony, it achieved independence from British rule in 1947. When the British left, dividing India into two units- India and Pakistan. There after, the problem of Kashmir erupted owing to the failure of the British to decide on the status of Kashmir prior to their departure. B.) after independence, India under it’s congress party has more or less remained a secular country. (1947-1998). However, the year 1988 represented a watershed in Indian politics. When, following the coming of the Hindu right BJP to power (1998-2004), India secular identity has sought to be re-articulated as a Hindu nation. C.) India represents from a comparative perspective represents the twin processes of modernization and traditionality. While modernizing itself as a nuclear power, India’s cultural ethos and tradition continues to influence their government. II.) Colonization A.) Prior to the coming of the British, India was one territorial unit composed of modern day India and Pakistan. Although the British projected India as a society ridden with conflicts between the Hindus and the Muslims, this is not entirely true. In the pre-colonial days, the Hindus and the Muslims peacefully coexisted with one another with mutual differences, as they exist anywhere amongst another. B.) The British entered India in 1617 as the British East India company to trade with India. Subsequently they ended up colonizing India. C.) some pro-imperial scholars (Morris D. Morris argue the positive aspects of British colonization of India (for ex. English education, construction of infrastructure, hospitals, etc.) in contrast, certain anti-imperial/Indian historians, such as Chandra and Pandey, ague that even if the British undertook positive developments, there were there for their own administrative convenience. In
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India - I. India is located in south Asia. It is the...

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