Acct Syllabus Spring 08

Acct Syllabus Spring 08 - 1 SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY HARRY F....

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1 SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY HARRY F. BYRD, JR. SCHOOL OF BUSINESS “The mission of The Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business is to educate its students to become successful, principled leaders with a global perspective”. PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTING II BA 212 SPRING, 2008 COURSE DESCRIPTION: A continuation in the study of study of accounting fundamentals which cover accruals and deferrals, current liabilities, capital stock, investments, and the preparation and analysis of financial statements including the statement of cash flows. The remaining topics will focus primarily on information for management decision- making including cost concepts, budgetary planning and control, and responsibility accounting. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. An ability to identify the users and uses of accounting. 2. An ability to explain the meaning of generally accepted accounting principles. 3. An ability to understand and use accounting terminology. 4. An ability to account for economic events of various types of businesses. 5. An ability to prepare, understand and interpret financial statements for various types of businesses with the emphasis on corporations. 6. An understanding of why ethics is a fundamental business concept. 7. An ability to explain the distinguishing features of managerial accounting. 8. An understanding of cost concepts and their applications. (over)
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2 CURRENT TEXT AND INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS; th URL: INSTRUCTOR/CLASS INFORMATION: Instructor: Dr. Charles J. Pineno Office: Halpin-Harrison Hall Room 240 Office Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. 3:30 - 4:30 p.m.
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Acct Syllabus Spring 08 - 1 SHENANDOAH UNIVERSITY HARRY F....

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