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Paper: Child Development Interventions Topic Due: by 1/30/08 o You will turn in via email or in class 1-2 sentences that explain the age group and area of child development you will be focusing on for your paper. o Email: – Put your name and “Psych 220 Child Development Topic” in your subject heading o Please type your hard copy or print neatly so it is legible. o I prefer email so that we can correspond regarding your topic if needed. Paper Due: 4/16/08 Objective: To research and analyze how a knowledge of and application of specific child development theories (physical, cognitive, emotional, or social) can be used in personal life or a specific area of study. o Select one area of child development dimension (physical, cognitive, emotional, social) and one age group as defined in the text (Berk, p. 5-6). o First Question: How do in class discussions and topics covered in the text impact how you
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Unformatted text preview: will work with this child on this issue? (Length 1 page maximum) o Second Question: What 3 specific activities or interactions could be used to help this child accomplish goals in this developmental dimension? (Length 1 page maximum) o Develop a list of 6-8 references and 1 sentence to describe each reference. Your references are to be recent articles and texts that will assist you use child development theories in your area, not including the class text. (Length 1 page maximum) Length 5 pages minimum, 6 pages maximum o Your paper is expected to be typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman Font size 12, one inch margins. o Points will be deducted for grammatical, spelling, and typographical errors. o Refer to MLA writing standards & in class explanations for other specific guidelines....
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