The Zoo StoryIIIAB

The Zoo StoryIIIAB - 4 J inquires about P P answers J 5 P...

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The Zoo Story : Script Analysis Part III A and B Zoya Khokar III. A. 1. Testing Waters 2. Attention 3. Friendly Fire 4. Changing Tides 5. Be careful What You Wish For 6. Me 7. Lonely Heart 8. Wrong Turn 9. Steady the Course 10. Enchantment 11. Confusion 12. A Hint of Sugar 13. Sour Apples 14. Point of no Return 15. Take Control 16. Hook, Line, Sinker 17. Gratitude C. 1. J talks to P, P acknowledges J 2. J entreats P, P obliges J 3. J teases P, P yields to J
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Unformatted text preview: 4. J inquires about P, P answers J 5. P invites J, J evades P 6. J repels P, P asks Jerry 7. J illuminates P, P encourages J 8. J directs P, P resists J 9. J entices P, P accepts J 10. J mesmerizes P, P attends J 11. J gropes P, P hinders J 12. J lures P, P invites J 13. P contests J, J pressures P 14. P fights J, J pushes P 15. J compels P, P follows J 16. J enables P, P allows J 17. J helps P, P obeys J...
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