AbbreviatedAnalysis - Action I. GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES A....

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Action I. GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES A. Environmental Facts 1. In a room with a small Christmas tree on a table and a plain board table with four wooden chairs; in a small isolated house; outside is freezing with snow and dangerous; water is outside; big armchair; the kitchen is hot and has an open fire for cooking; Jeep’s old room 2. Seems to be around Christmastime; winter; dinnertime 3. There are limited resources especially for food, no one else is nearby 4. this seems like a safe place where the characters have taken refuge from their previous lives, these characters seem like outcasts; no one pays attention to anyone else’s discrepancies 5. Everyone seems to live together but they don’t know much about each other and don’t pay attention to what anyone else wants; they all talk about their past and how they feel but no one seems to pay attention; no one cares what affect they have on anyone else 6. fear seems to be prevalent but its random and detached B. Previous Action : The group had been reading a book together which they want to finish; the group had raised the turkey Jeep -used to live in a room with pictures of Walt Whitman in an overcoat, an antelope on a yellow prairie, the Golden Gate Bridge, and one of him sitting on a Jeep with a gun in one hand -saw a picture of a dancing bear -thought of raising the turkey -used to be in a family, he lived in different houses where he couldn’t choose the wallpaper
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AbbreviatedAnalysis - Action I. GIVEN CIRCUMSTANCES A....

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