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MISY 160 Review Sheet - Chapter 2 Data Representation o...

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Chapter 2 Data Representation o Binary number system: has only two digits: 0 and 1 o ASCII: only allows for enough codes for English and western languages o Extended ASCII: uses more codes to represent characters. o Byte = 8 bits o Kilo = thousand, mega = million, giga = billion Digital Electronics o System Unit: contains circuit boards, storage devices, and a power supply o Motherboard: the computers main circuit board Microprocessors and Memory o Microprocessor: an integrated circuit designed to process instructions. ALU: part of microprocessor that performs arithmetic operations. Registers: what the ALU uses to hold data that is being processed Control unit: fetches each instruction. Instruction set: the list of instructions that a microprocessor can perform o CISC: complex instruction set computer o RISC: reduced instruction set computer o Processing Parallel processing: allows for multiple instructions to be executed at the same time. Serial processing: one instruction at a time Pipelining: a processor can begin executing an instruction before it completes the previous instruction. o RAM: random access memory; a temporary holding area for data, application program instructions, and the operating system. Voliatle: requires electric power to hold data An area of the hard disc, called virtual memory, can be used if an application runs out of RAM Processed data is held temporarily in RAM before it is copied to a storage medium o ROM: type of memory circuitry that holds the computers startup routine Permanent and non-volatile o CMOS memory: stores basic system information Requires very little power to hold data Storage o Magnetic storage: stores data by magnetizing microscopic particles on the disc surface o Optical storage: stores data as microscopic light and dark spots on the disc
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/22/2008 for the course MISY 160 taught by Professor Universal during the Spring '08 term at University of Delaware.

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MISY 160 Review Sheet - Chapter 2 Data Representation o...

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