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Karmelo Navalta BIO325 (51420) January 28, 2008 Problem Set for Chapter 12 C5) A.) TATGTT to TATATT – Up Promoter B.) TATGTT to TTTGTT – Down Promoter C.) TATGTT to TATGAT – Up Promoter C6) The second, fourth, and fifth positions of the -35 sequence are more tolerant of changes. These positions probably play a less important role in the binding of sigma factor because they are less conserved then the first, third, and sixth positions. C8) If the start codon is changed to a stop codon then it will not be transcribed at all. C15) Rho-dependent termination requires the use of a rho protein to bind to a sequence in RNA which eventually causes RNA polymerase to release and frees RNA from RNA polymerase breaking hydrogen bonds between the RNA strand and the DNA template strand. Rho-independent termination does not require the use of the rho protein, even though it is still available, and instead uses a sequence to form a stem loop to provide force and then uses the sequence UUUUU, which are bound to adenines thus providing
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