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BIO325 - Lecture 7 - BIO325 February 5 2008 I RNA...

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BIO325 February 5, 2008 I. RNA Processing a. Eukaryotic RNAs i. Micromanaging Gene Expression 1. To control level exactly in response to a myriad of factors 2. Level of control would be very difficult if genes could only be regulated as groups 3. Each gene has it’s own promoter ii. DNA encoding proteins 1. Promoter is before gene 2. Transcript a. Pre-mRNA b. Transcript has to go under processing before it leaves nucleus c. After it leaves it is called mRNA 3. mRNAs a. 5’ guanosyl cap b. poly-A tail c. Distance between start and stop codon is smaller from pre-mRNA to mRNA i. Introns removed from splicing iii. DNA encoding rRNAs 1. Ribosome consists of many rRNAs a. Needs one of each to make ribosome 2. Cells needs to transcribe them in equal amounts in order to make a functional ribosome 3. Pieces need to be separated a. Endonuclease cleavage necessary 4. Promoter and first gene overlap iv. DNA encoding tRNAs 1. Each gene has its own promoter, allows better control 2. Transcripts separate for each gene 3. Rare bases apply 4. Promoter is inside gene v. Promoter placement is different for each DNA encoding proteins/rRNA/tRNA 1. Bound by different set of TFs, then bound by a different set of RNA pol vi. Eukaryotic Processing of mRNA 1. 5’guanosyl cap a. 5’ end (beginning) available for modification before rest of mRNA is available b. Structure
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i. Guanine 1. Different 2. Methyl Group 3. Three Phosphate Groups 4. 5’ to 5’ connection a. Guanine to Adenine b. Phosphodiester bond (normally is 5’ to 3’) 5. Cap on backwards 6. =Guanosyl c.
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